A Smaller Party with Smaller Prices

One of the best parts about being a smaller bowling center is we can match nearly any groups’ needs.  Recently, we’ve started offering a line of parties called VSPs (Variable Size Parties).

VSPs were designed for the smaller organizations that still wanted to have a party but didn’t need, and sometimes cannot afford, the entire bowling center.  The VSP package is ideal for small youth groups, adult organizations, and especially birthday parties that are too big for our birthday package. 

The best part about this package is that it is based off our whole house design.  So you can bring in your own food and we still provide the fun!

Use the grid below to determine the probable cost of your event.  All you need to determine is how many total guests will attend your party and the length of time you wish to stay in the center.


# of Guests            # of Lanes          2 Hours           3 Hours

20 people               4 lanes               $205               $260

25 people               5 lanes               $240               $315

30 people               6 lanes               $265               $365

35 people               7 lanes               $300               $420

40 people               8 lanes               $320               $470